Secure and reliable

Today, the most important factor in the delivery of your email is your sender reputation. If ISP’s don’t know you or don’t like what you’re sending, you won’t be invited back. We’re constantly working to provide our customers with an industry-leading reputation to give your campaigns the best chance of reaching the inbox.

  • Human Approval Process
    Before they can send a single campaign, every new customer is reviewed by our team to ensure they meet our comprehensive criteria covering permission, email content, privacy and much more.
  • ISP Feedback Loops
    DSC Mail is integrated into the feedback loop of ISP’s like Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. We can detect if a subscriber marks you as spam, and remove them from your list automatically.
  • Email Authentication
    Email authentication allows our customers to prove they are who they say they are. Using technologies like DKIM and DMARC we can prove your emails aren’t a forgery and maximize the chances of getting delivered.
  • Reputation Segmentation
    Our intelligent delivery engine automatically ranks and delivers campaigns across different IP ranges based on a combination of complex factors. This ensures our good senders aren’t impacted by those not following best practice.
  • Best Practice
    We support confirmed opt-in for all subscriber lists, include a single click unsubscribe link in all campaigns and allow your subscribers to maintain their own subscription through preference centers.
  • 3rd Party Deliverability
    We use a number of third party tools to monitor our inbox delivery to dozens of the leading ISP’s allowing us to spot potential delivery issues and react immediately.

Our Data Centers

To keep your data safe, secure and always available we use a state-of-the-art redundant server cluster in fully managed data centers across multiple geographic locations. All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a constantly maintained firewall using the same level of encryption as many banks.

  • Multiple Data Centers
    Our data centers are monitored 24×7 for all aspects of operational security and performance. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art security such as biometrics and sensors for intrusion detection.
  • Serious Security
    All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a constantly maintained firewall. Our database servers are secured by additional access restrictions, and all sensitive data is stored using bank-level encryption.
  • Smart Redundancy
    We have redundancy at every layer of our application to ensure a smooth recovery in the event of any type of hardware failure. All data is also securely backed up offsite for the unlikely event of a system-wide failure.
  • Strict Privacy Policy
    Our strictly enforced privacy policy ensures your data is never shared with third parties and is kept safe and secure at all times. Only limited staff have access to your account in order to provide customer support.

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